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1998 FPS (Friesian) by the World Champion Leffert, out of the FPS Star mare Ursel fan’e Boskranne.

This 16,00 hand fellow was approved as a stallion and stood as such for nearly one year before a West Nile vaccination cost him his viable semen. Upon gelding, he has been shown successfully through first level and is ready to show second!

       Teake is an exceptional example of the Friesian breed. His freedom in the shoulder plus his natural expression with his front leg keep eyes turning everywhere he goes. With a naturally engaged canter combined with a gorgeous neck, this fellow is destined for FEI work. He is also quite comfortable to sit and loves to work. safe and sensible in and out of the ring, Teake can be ridden by nearly any level of rider.

       Impeccable barn manners also speak volumes of the quality of this fellow. He clips, bathes, loads and stands quietly for the vet and blacksmith. Teake also loves his special grooming time and patiently allows his mane to be braided for work.

Teake is also registered for life with both USDF and USEF.

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Lawine Ster

Bontsje Ster


Ster + Pref

Ursel fan 'e Boskranne Ster



Marianne Ster + Pref

Geldau fan 'e Boskranne

Wessel Pref




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Proven bloodlines for success, here is information about his sister (recently imported to the USA , out of the same dam than Teake) and his dam:

   Klaske ster 

1st premium STER, 4th level dressage


Klaske fan 'e
Olde Hoek





Truus Model + Pref

Tunke Ster

Mark Pref

Vogeltje Ster


Ursel fan e Boskranne




Marianne III
Ster + Pref

Geldau fan 'e

Wessel Pref


Klaske fan 'e Olde Hoek is a gorgeous 9-year old 1st premium Ster mare, and an excellent dressage horse. She showed at 3rd/ 4th level dressage in the Netherlands , and was in training with a Grand Prix rider. She has also been ridden by a 10-year old girl in front of hundreds of people, and impresses people wherever she goes. Klaske is tall for a Friesian mare, measuring 16.2h. She has 3 excellent gaits, and is light and easy to ride.

Klaske is eligible for the Model predicate, and can be presented for this in the Netherlands as well as in the USA . She has started training piaffe, has nice canter pirouettes and easily performs other FEI exercises.

She was awarded the prestigious Ster predicate with a 1st premium, based on her outstanding conformation and gaits. This makes her one of the top 3% of Friesian mares worldwide. Of all Friesians, she is likely the only 1st premium Ster mare competing at such a high level in dressage. She has won many ribbons, both with her amateur rider/ owner and her current professional trainer. Klaske has also been trained in driving. She is very easy to ride, and also likes to go on trail rides, not afraid to jump over fallen trees and ditches, with no spookiness or marish behavior at all. Klaske is a great horse for professional riders as well as amateurs, including inexperienced riders.

Klaske has a wonderful disposition and seems to pass that on to her offspring. She has had 1 colt and 4 fillies. Her oldest daughters will be presented at the 2004 inspections. Klaske has a full sister, Renske fan 'e Olde Hoek, who received the Ster predicate and the highest scores for conformation in Australia . Other siblings of Klaske are showing well in dressage in the Netherlands and in the USA .

Klaske ridden by a 10 year old:

Klaske received the excellent score of an "A" for her IBOP test, the talent test for mares in the Netherlands , in 2003. She received the highest score of the day, and superb marks form the judges.

Klaske's dam is the beautiful Ster mare Ursel, who won many ribbons in dressage at Training and 1st level, and was trained to 3rd level. After her show career she continued a very successful career as a broodmare, producing a good quality foal every year. Klaske stems from the old and highly appreciated mare line 19. Horses from this mare line are known for their great work attitudes and their talent for dressage, as well as being easy and fertile broodmares.

Klaske's sire Jakob is one of the best stallions of the Friesian studbook. He has sired an enormous number of Star mares, and his offspring excels at shows, both in driving and dressage. Jakob's offspring is noticed for powerful, smooth, and easy-to-sit gaits, as well as superb minds.

Klaske ridden by a 10 year old:

Here is his dam:





Stynke Model + Pref

Marianne Ster + Pref

Mark Pref

Durkje fan Fetze
Ster + Pref

Geldau fan 'e Boskranne

Wessel Pref


Mary Model + Pref



Pia Ster

Ursel fan 'e Boskranne (born in 1990), Friesian Star mare by Doeke, out of Geldau fan 'e Boskranne. Ursel won many ribbons in dressage at Training and 1st level, and was trained to 3 rd level until her rider got too busy in vet school. Since then she has had a very successful career as a broodmare, producing a good quality foal every year.

Ursel's first filly, Klaske fan 'e Old Hoek, was born in 1995 and was awarded the much appreciated Star predicate when she was 3 years old. Klaske is currently showing at Training level.

Ursel's second filly, Renske fan 'e Olde Hoek, was born in 1997 and recently received the Star predicate at age 3 in
Australia . Renske will be used for breeding as well as showing by her Australian owners.
Two of Ursel's oldest sons may be judged this year, and are eligible for the Star predicate. If they are successful, Ursel will receive the Preferent predicate based on the quality of her 4 oldest sons and daughters, which would be a unique accomplishment.

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