Lord Lennox HW, bay Rhineland gelding, by Lord Loxley/Rocket Star, born in 2010, standing approximately 167 cm or 16.1 hands.

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Lord Lennox HW looks and moves like a clone to his famous sire Lord Loxley. Lord Loxley - five year old Dressage Horse Bundeschampion, and five year old reserve champion Young Dressage Horse in 2004. At the Bundeschampionate no other horse in Lord Loxley's division came close to his power, suppleness and ground coverage. Lord Loxley danced to victory after a virtually immaculate ride with great transitions and balance in every gait, for which they received a brilliant 9.5 score.

"This was top class. He's a world class horse," judge Christoph Hess commented, "he has a spectacular trot with a very good hind leg that stay closed. He keeps the nose nicely in front and is right on the vertical. His walk is through the back, his canter is excellent, uphill and forward.

" Somebody once asked that fount of knowledge of Hanoverian mare lines, Jens Meyer, about Lord Loxley. His reply is instructive: "When you see Lord Loxley's pedigree - I rode his dam, Weltlady by Weltmeyer. I rode Weinlady, the mother of Weltlady, and I knew her mother, the Domspatz mare. In the end, Lord Sinclair was a champion, he was a trot horse. This Weltmeyer mare, Weltlady scored over 8 in her performance test, and she was also a trot horse. She won material classes, and she was sold for big money to Belgium. Weinlady by Weingau, she was also a trot horse, she really could move, then comes Domspatz and then Marcio blood. In the end you have a really big chance, that you produce trot. And we need trot for the future.

" Declared a world class horse by all who see him, he impresses with a spectacular trot with excellent extension of the forearm and an active hind leg. His powerful, lofty, rhythmic, uphill gaits caused FEI judge Hilda Gurney to exclaim at the World Cup, "What a wonderful horse!"

His great self carriage and expression gain the attention of everyone in his vicinity. In 2005, he was series winner in dressage tests on the horse class M.

As a sire this exquisite stallion is off to a terrific start. His son Lord Leatherdale was approved for the Dutch main book was Vice Champion.

Austrian gun mogul Gaston Glock has acquired the 13-year old Oldenburg stallion Lord of Loxley for Hans Peter Minderhoud to ride. The bay stallion was originally owned by the Clyde Wunderwald estate and bought as Brett Parbery's 2012 Olympic hopeful. Blessed with outstanding hind leg activity and always eager to perform, Lord of Loxley and Hans Peter Minderhoud competed for the first time at Drachten (NED) in January 2013. The pair finished third in the Grand Prix on 72.489% and second in the Freestyle on 75.750%. At the renowned CDI4* in 's-Hertogenbosch (NED), the GLOCK duo scored 69.681% in the Grand Prix for fourth and 73.950% in the Freestyle to take third place.

Lord Loxley with Hans Peter Minderhoud:


Lord Lennox HW's dam sire was the famous Rocket Star. The 24-year old Holsteiner licensed stallion Rocket Star has been euthanized following an accident in which the Ramiro x Landgraf I son fractured his leg. Bred by Hans Heinrich Voss in Heinkenborstel, Germany, Rocket Star was licensed in Neumunster in 1990. The stallion stood up for stud almost his entire life at the Rhinelander based Gestut Schweimanns. Rocket Star only sired two licensed sons and 13 state premium mares but he garnered fame as the dam sire of the Westfalian top producer Rock Forever (by Rockwell x Rocket Star), his full brother and 2012 World Young Horse Championship silver medallist Revolverheld and 2012 WCYH finalist Lord Carnaby (by Lord Loxley x Rocket Star). Rocket Star was active in sport, starting his career under Olaf Peters. They competed in the 1993 Bundeschampionate finals in show jumping. A string of riders took place in the saddle afterwards: Tim Hoster, Gerd Könemann und Marc Bettinger

 Bundeschampion Lord Carnaby is bred, just like Lord Lennox HW, both are Lord Loxley x Rocket Star. Lord Carnaby is the 2013 Bundeschampion with a victory in the 6yo division. Strutting it out amongst some of the best dressage bred horses in Germany, the 6-year old dressage horse class at the 2013 Bundeschampionate on 4 - 9 September 2013 was won by Beatrice Buchwald and Lord Carnaby, leaving Therese Nilshagen and Sean Connery in silver, and Lydia Camp with Sir Diamond in bronze medal position. With a score of 9 for trot, canter and general submission, Beatrice and her Lord rose to a 9.5 for walk and general impression, to finish in the golden spot with a very tidy 9.2 point total.

Bundeschampion Lord Carnaby:


Lord Lennox HW is just as impressive as Lord Carnaby and is a horse of definite Champion quality, equipped with absolutely phenomenal gaits. He looks so soft and presents himself in such wonderful self-carriage.

He impresses with 100% rideability, character and very strong nerves. His stallion type (he is a gelding!!) will mesmerize everybody alike. He is a horse who casts his spell on every single person, he was born to step in his father's footsteps.

He is a super fancy mover who knows to impress due to his type, movement and work ethic. He is supple and has a ton of air time. He just floats above the ground. With his free shoulder and huge grundschwung, he swings nicely through his back. He is light in the bridle and easy to sit. This extremely talented gentleman has definite international potential.

This stunning horse has all the looks and the personality a person could ever hope for. He has a super nice head, big stallion neck (he's a gelding!), if he blinks with his beautiful kind eye, you'll fall in love at first sight. He just puts a spell on you.

Lord Lennox HW is already working at 3rd level, including flying changes, this horse has cat like movement and is as elastic as they get. His hooves barley touch the ground.

He loves to please his handler and rider, to learn new things is his hobby. He eagerly works under saddle. He is all concentrated on his job in the dressage arena and with his quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. He was ridden inside and outside and doesn't mind heavy farm equipment being driven around him during his work session.

He is a very sweet boy, very rideable and trustworthy. He is easy to handle and loves his personal grooming time and puts his head right in your lap, striving for attention and searching for treats. Lord Lennox HW is uncomplicated on the ground and under saddle. He is easy to ride and an amateur, YR or professional will enjoy him just the same.

Outstanding personality, gaits, looks and temperament. This young stunner will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

He will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics, the judges and onlookers will remember him where ever he goes.

Lord Lennox HW is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time.

Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. Lord Lennox HW is as sweet as a puppy dog, but with the attitude of a real gentleman.

This boy will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top. Buy him now and show him yourself in the Young Horse Championships or take him to the BundesChampionships.

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