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Clooney HW, black Westphalian gelding, by Christ/Ferragamo, born in 2012, standing approximately 169 cm or 16.2 hands.

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Clooney HW will make you swoon - incredibly beauty describes this wonderful horse.

Clooney HW is by the top star Christ, an exceptional sire and the 2nd Reserve Champion in the group of dressage stallions at the 2007 Hanoverian licensing in Verden is a horse out of a fairy tale, by Calypso II who clearly influenced him: An elegant, black-brown coat that covers an ideally formed body - the large parts harmoniously integrated into a perfect silhouette. Maximum elasticity in every phase of his movements and the same over the jump. Christ manages all of his tasks with intelligence, skill and ability. A real horse of many talents! Christ took his 30-day test in 2008 in Schlieckau, finishing with very high scores in all areas. His debut in sport was impressive with first and high placings in novice (A), elementary (L) and medium (M) level tests for young dressage horses and has meanwhile been brought up to advanced (S) level in training under Eyal Zlatin.

He also mastered the acid test in breeding as well: Eleven sons are already licensed, including Collier (Champion Stallion in Mecklenburg), Cristall (I-c premium stallion in Vechta), Coal Diamond (premium stallion in Verden and Vice Bundeschampion). Again and again, Christ knows to convince with price highlights at different auction sites.

He made his debut in the FN's predicted breeding value statistics in dressage with 129 points and an above-average result in jumping, giving impressively prove of his versatility. In 2013, the licensed Coal Diamond became Vice Bundeschampion in the class for three-year old stallions in Warendorf and Charlotte, a daughter of Christ, won the qualifier and placed with the best in the Bundeschampionat for three-year old mares and gelding.

Further Information:

His sire Competent, a stallion of versatile talents, was only active in Hanoverian breeding for just a few years but along with Christ his son Chatman, a second son who breeds in Bavaria, was also licensed in Verden. The dam's sire Picard, winner of the 1979 licensing in Verden, was highly esteemed by jumper breeders his entire life. Originating from Pik König, Gotthard, Frustra II and Dominus, he knows to convince with performance throughout the line and produced numerous top-class show jumpers. The great grandsire is the energetic Thoroughbred Daimyo xx who sired steel hard show jumpers that lived to ripe old ages and were distinguished by their ambition and cautiousness. The line then goes back to the Hanoverian mare line 853/Sudette (by Südul-Nikol-Condor-Campo-Adjutant-Schüppen Bube-Castor-Borwin-Falcon). This line produced more than 40 licensed stallions such as Achat, Derrik, Markus and Pommery (all State Stud Celle), Lotse and Lützow (both State Stud Dillenburg), Boss, Primas and Reinicke (all State Stud Warendorf) as well as the private stallions Aktuell, Erasmus, Konsequent, Liebenberg, Prädikat, Rühmann, Sanford, Tempi Passati, Weltruf, Wilderer and Wildfang and also the internationally successful show jumpers Kim 18/Horst Gebers, Lucie 55/Lars Nieberg, Top Gun/Jan Tops (Netherlands) as well as Wakefield/Lutz Gössing.


Clooney HW's dam is by the legendary Ferragamo, he was reserve champion of the 1992 licensing in Munster-Handorf and reserve champion stallion at his performance test in Warendorf. He received 135.96 points for rideability and 123.63 points for jumping. Ferragamo has sired 16 licensed stallions and 45 state premium mares. Many of his offspring are competing at international level. His daughter Ferrigama in 1997 was champion at the Westphalian elite broodmare show, and was in the finals at the German Broodmare show. Daughter Filine was 1998 reserve champion at the Westpahlian elite broodmare show and reserve at the German broodmare show. Other daughters have produced test winners, grand prix horses and approved stallions.

Ferragamo's sire Freigraf who was bred in Hessia, is a son of the legendary Anglo-Norman foundation sire Furioso II, who supplied almost all of the European warm blood breeds with outstanding performance horses for all disciplines from his base in Oldenburg. As a juvenile stallion. Freigraf initially briefly performed covering duty in the Rhineland before changing over to the jumping stables of Paul Schockemohle where he instantaneously had sports successes, including i.a. becoming national vice-champion showjumper at the 1992 Verden championship. Freigraf's dam derives from the Trakehner Schwarm, who in turn has the incredibly tough thoroughbred Traumgeist xx as his sire. Traumgeist delivered horses for all disciplines and of great longevity for Hanover, Holstein and the Trakehner breed. Wernitz, an Osnabriick state stallion appears in the third generation. He was i.a. the sire of the successful international competition horse Wimpel / A. Schockemohle. Despite his relatively few coverings, Freigraf also sired the Warendorf state sire Favretto, who being of the same age class as Ferragamo, likewise attracted much attention. Ferragamo's dam, the state premium mare Elona is a very noble bay mare who competed in eventing competitions with outstanding success. Her sire in turn, is the exceptional procreator of performance horses Ehrensold. In the older generation of the pedigree, there are valuable specialist bloodlines of Trakehner and Arab origin including Herbstglanz / T. (i.a. sire of the well tried stallion Ordensglanz / T.) and Jussuf IV. The grandam state premium mare Illusion was mated with Salut to produce the Rhemc son Saluti.


Even at his approval Ferragamo was a star. He was the second vice-champion of the 1992 approval in Munster-Handorf and runner-up at the Warendorf stallion performance test where he excelled in the index for rideability (extraneous rider evaluation) with the score of 10.0, but also belonged to the top jumpers with above average scores.


Ferragamo established himself well in breeding from the outset with twelve approved sons from the first batches of foals, including the approvals and stallion performance test champion Friedenstraum as well as the champion mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite mare show in Munster-Handorf, Ferragana who was also a contestant in the final heat of the federal mare show and a I-b award winner of the 1998 age-class championship. His daughter Filine was the 1998 vice-champion mare of the Westphalian elite show and first vice-champion mare of the national mare show in Warendorf. The approved son Falcone was the winner of the 2000 finals qualification and a finalist at the Federal Showjumping Championship. Shortly afterwards, Falcone was sold at the elite auction in Munster-Handorf as one of the most expensive auction horses of all time, for the sum of Dm 280,000.

FERRAGAMO was the second Reserve Champion of the 1992 licensing in Münster-Handorf ans Reserve Champion at the stallion performance test in Warendorf where he won the partial index for rideability (135.96 points) and was also among to the top jumpers (total index 123.63 points).

FERRAGAMO has so far sired 16 licensed stallions (e.g. Friedenstraum, Fillis) and 45 State premium mares. Many of Ferragamo's valuable off-spring are meanwhile competing at international level, among them Fabiana/Mylene Diedrichsmeier; Fabiene/Puti Hamidjojo.

The FERRAGAMO daughter, Ferragama, became Champion Mare of the 1997 Westphalian elite Broadmare Show in Münster-Handorf and reached one year later the final of the German Broodmare Show. His daughter Filine was the 1998 Reserve Champion Mare of the Westphalian Elite Broodmare Show and first Reserve Champion of the German Broodmare Show. The daughter Florence is dam to the State stud stallion Ehrendorf, to the Grand Prix horse Eichendorff and the NRW champion of the approval in 2006.


Clooney HW is an extremely fancy gentleman and as pretty as a horse can get. Beauty, elasticity, and suspension outline this stunning creature. Three rhythmic, big, expressive gaits - that will blow any and all competition out of the park. He is fabulous to ride and has international potential. Super nice to sit and light in the bridle he is the horse, we all wish we had!

Clooney HW, equipped with phenomenal competition genes, is a horse of unbelievable quality and super fancy gentleman, who knows how to impress, due to his type, movement and work ethic. This stunning, compact horse, has it all. A super nice, chiseled head, big stallion neck (he's a gelding!), if he blinks with his beautiful kind eye, you'll fall in love at first sight. He is a dream come true, fast learner and already at 2nd level, with solid, really balanced counter canter, flowing transitions and impressive lateral work.

He loves to please his handler and rider and is a fast learner. Clooney HW eagerly works under saddle and always gives 100%, a truly sane, top performance horse. This one is breathtaking to watch in the dressage arena and with his quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to him. He is supple, has a ton of air time and just floats above the ground. With his free shoulder and huge grundschwung, he swings nicely through his back. His hooves barley touch the ground. This extremely talented gentleman has international potential. He is a very sweet boy with great ride ability and he makes a long lasting impression on whom ever sees him. Easy to handle and loves personal grooming time and puts his head right in your lap, striving for attention and searching for treats.

Perfect Junior or Amateur's horse and absolutely, the fanciest quality for a professional as well!

Best personality, gaits, looks and temperament, he is truly the "full luxury package". With this horse, you will be the star in FEI classes and at clinics, the judges and onlookers will remember him where ever he goes. His bloodlines are very much sought after and he's definitely one for the big ring. This boy will go far in the dressage ring, he is your ticket to the top!

Buy him now and show him yourself in the Young Horse Championships or take him to the Bundes-Championships.

He is used to go in the hot walker, loves his shower and solarium time. Stands for the farrier, loads and appreciates grooming time. He's a super cool horse - all you can ask for and more! This boy will enable you to fulfill your dreams with all his sensational abilities. The goal of HW Farm is, to find highly talented young horses in Germany for riders in the USA and all over the world. Clooney HW is a phenomenal dressage gelding.

X-rays on file!

check out his video clip!!!

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